To empower individuals by creating a platform where every medical profession can control their own schedule and choose the environments in which they work.

To maintain our reputation as the premier medical staffing agency both for clients and employees.




Since we opened our doors in 2015, National Staffing Solutions has been helping clients fill their staffing needs. We don't just "staff" and arrive. We will surpass any expectation that you may have. We become an integral part of your team, through personalized schedule needs, working hand-in-hand with the Administrator, Nursing Director and Staffing Coordinators to provide the most efficient staffing with our trained and licensed medical professionals.



​Our team consists of trained medical professionals that thrive on trust, independence, flexibility, growth, relationships and development of partners. As one of our staff you will have the opportunity to create your own schedule, we believe it is our responsibility to provide a platform for you to practice your field of expertise in the way you most desire. We have local, travel, per diem and contract opportunities available.