With every step the medical field takes in an attempt to improve treatment of illness, proper and accurate documentation, insurance coverage and efficiency of operation. The number of tasks and responsibilities being piled onto medical professionals has added to the burnout culture.

If you're anything like us you're proud to be a part of the medical profession.

You appreciate the opportunity to provide care for people who need our services.

And you enjoy the challenges of identifying and correcting a change in condition.

These are a few of the reasons why we decided to create an agency where fantastic Nurses, CNAs and other medical professionals can be more generously compensated for the priceless work they perform.

With  National Staffing Solutions  you will be able to

control your own schedule.

Whether you want to work:

  • Per Diem/PRN,
  • Short term contracts
  • Permanent placement
  • Locally
  • Travel assignments

We want to help you achieve that goal.

It's our mission to provide you a platform to work as much or as little as you need in order to maintain the lifestyle you prefer.

The way we accomplish this goal is by creating a large network of healthcare care facilities who give our team the opportunity to fill any vacancies.

Medical care facilities don't have the luxury of closing shop for nights, weekends, and holidays. They also have a fluctuating census and multiple levels of care.

It is nearly impossible to maintain a perfect ratio of medical professionals within a facility therefore most companies appreciate access to a large pool of healthcare workers like ours to help balance their ever changing needs.

Where do you fit?

You can accept the shifts or contracts that work for you and leave the rest on the table for someone else.

We strongly believe in delivering innovative strategies to better support both the facility and healthcare worker's goals.

In an industry with high demand and ever changing standards of care it is important to change the way we approach the medical care environment.

We offer both the facility management and the medical worker flexibility in meeting staff demands.

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Lets have a discussion about what type of work and schedule interests you.

Then, allow us to work on finding those opportunities on your behalf.

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Four years ago we were a handful of nurses in one of the fastest growing states in the West. Our vision was to create the type of agency we would love to work for and quickly became the dominant force in the market. We are now taking that same vision across the country. 

Medical Staffing With Experience & Vision


The medical field is both rewarding and demanding. At National Staffing Solutions we believe the individuals are what matter most. Our goal is to change the burn-out culture of healthcare by empowering the professionals in their level of expertise. We have created a platform for you to utilize in order to control your own schedule so you can both provide a very important and rewarding service to those in need and take the breaks you deserve in order to maintain the work-life balance you desire.

We have team members who have a full time job with another company and use our platform to get extra hours, others who work overtime week after week and everything in between. We truly want you to use this platform to create the income level and lifestyle of your dreams. If you have interest in further discussing the possible opportunities in your local area or travel destinations please fill out the form below.

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