24/7 Professional Medical Staffing

National Staffing Solutions

National Staffing solutions provides 24/7 help to medical facilities in need of medical personnel.  We set the standard in medical staffing.  Our staff members are dedicated to helping your team succeed. 


Want to become a part of our team? Our team consists of trained medical professionals that want to be part of a group that is focused on trust, independence, relationships, flexibility, growth, and development of our partners (our employees).


  • Hospitals
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • LTC
  • Surgical Centers
  • Medical Clinicas
  • Health Care Company


We offer PRN, temporary and permanent placement.  Let us screen employees and recruit based on your open needs.  Advertise at our expense.  We successfully match qualified personnel to your open needs.  

Job Openings

RNs: Day, Nights, Weekend, Short Shifts

LPNs: Days, Nights, Weekends, Short Shifts

CNAs: Days, Nights, weekends, Short Shifts

Medical Assistants:  PRN

Med technicians: PRN

Physical Therapists: PRN

Nurse Practitioners: PRN

Occupational Therapists: PRN

​Respiratory Therapists: PRN

​Full Time positions Available for Permanent Placement

LPN:  Full time Mon-Fri Audit/UR nurse for HH company

LPN:  Full time Mon-Fri HH and Hospice visit nurse

RN:  Full Time Mon-Fri Home health and Hospice visit nurse

RN: Home Health Full Time Case Manager

CNA:  Full Time LTC/Rehab positions